Destoon re write a sentence

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Please pay close attention to the following guidance: Please be sure to answer the question. Rewriting sentences or paraphrasing is repeating another’s words in your own unique words. Typically you will need to paraphrase or rewrite to: Show that you fully understand the original text.

Rewrite sentences without changing the meaning. March 3, - Combine the following sentences using an appropriate tense form. 1. He was in the habit of smoking. He no longer smokes.

2. She started singing at 7 am. She is still singing. Now it is 9 am. 3. She joined our company in She quit our company in Full text of "English Javanese vocabulary" See other formats UC-NRLF B ^ E34 EbM i&k i#.

ENGLISH JAVANESE VOCABULARY By D. W. EGNER (late Chief of Head Office H. A. P. M.) / Published by the HOLLANDSCH^AMERIKAANSCHE PLANTAGE MIJ. You write me a perfect explanation for canceling the publication and I'll do it. But it has to be perfect and you have to explain it to me in all its detail and make sure I understand it.

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Destoon re write a sentence
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