Indilinx barefoot write amplification calculation

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Tell me more about the pre-amp!!!. The board is composed of commodity SSD parts: an Indilinx Barefoot ARM-based SATA controller.1 OpenSSD Research Platform The OpenSSD board is designed as a platform for implementing and evaluating SSD firmware and is sponsored primarily by Indilinx.

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"The write amplification factor is the amount of data the SSD controller has to write in relation to the amount of data that the host controller wants to write. A write amplification factor of 1 is perfect, it means you wanted to write 1MB and the SSD’s controller wrote 1MB.

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The platform uses an Indilinx Barefoot SSD controller with an array of NAND flash devices as shown in Table 2. We have implemented the PLR schemes inside the FTLs running on the SSD controller.

We have implemented the PLR schemes inside the FTLs running on the SSD controller. Keys: av dnsrr email filename hash ip mutex pdb registry url useragent version.

Indilinx barefoot write amplification calculation
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